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Priti Aisola

Priti Aisola

Born: India

Resides: Hyderabad

Priti Aisola is the author of: See Paris for Me, a novel (Penguin, 2009); Beyond the Gopurams, a spiritual travelogue (Wisdom Tree, 2014); A Dinner Invitation to God, poems (Writers Workshop, 2016); O Shrineless Silence, poems (Authorspress, 2017); Letters to Maya, creative nonfiction, (Authorspress, 2020). In 2020, she was introduced to haikai literature by Kala Ramesh and she is very grateful to her mentor for this. She loves being part of a very warm and welcoming community of poet-friends, who make her days richer and full of learning.

haiku - tanka

custard apple …

the squirrel crafts

a bowl

lithe as a deer

she would streak past

my window -

not a long-distance runner

she sprinted out of life too soon

wind chimes …

the tinkle of her anklets

as she lights lamps

sinking sun

sets the temple tower

ablaze …

her moments of vivacity

before lapsing into silence

Publication credits:

a custard apple: Under the Basho, July 2020; lithe as a deer: cattails, April 2021 Issue; wind chimes: The Haiku Dialogue, THF, February 24, 2021; sinking sun: Moonbathing, Issue 24, June 2021

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