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Mona Bedi

Mona Bedi

Born: Delhi, India

Resides: Delhi, India

Mona Bedi is a medical doctor in Delhi, India. She has been writing poetry since childhood but a few years back she started writing the Japanese form - haiku. She has two poetry books published by the name of “they you and me” and “dancing moonlight”. She lives with her husband, two children and a dog. Her haiku and senryu have been published in Failed haiku, Haiku in Action, The Haiku dialogue, cold moon journal, Tsuri Doro and many others.



loving the sunset

even more

lonely winter

I write your name

on the frosted glass

mom’s dementia

the ebb and flow of emotions

inside her


the swings sway

without children

Publication credits:

menopause: Haiku in Action, July 28th -August 3rd, 2021; lockdown: Adult Honourable Mention, Japan Fair 2021 Contest; lonely winter: Tsuri Doro Journal June 2021; mom’s dementia: Haiku Dialogue, August 4, August 2021

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