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Madhuri Pillai

Madhuri Pillai

Born - India

Resides - Melbourne, Australia

Madhuri Pillai is an English (Hons) graduate. She has studied journalism and has worked as a journalist. Madhuri discovered the Japanese genre of poetry in 2013 and has since written and published haiku, tanka and haiga in various journals. Madhuri also writes cherita and is an animal activist.


rusty iron gate                                         

gum trees moan                                           

of love and loss      

rain blurred horizon   

my broken promise

to myself

nebulous the pale sound of autumn rain

morning prayer           

the sound of blackbirds

fine-tuning dawn

Publication credits:

rusty iron gate: Stardust Haiku #47 2020; red blurred horizon: FrogpondVol.43.3 fall 2020; nebulous- Hedgerow #13 & morning prayer: Blithe Spirit, Vol 30, No. 3, Aug. 2020.

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