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Lakshmi Iyer

Lakshmi Iyer

Born : Palakkad

Residence : Trivandrum

Although born in Palakkad in Kerala, Lakshmi was brought up in Surat, Gujarat. She used to scribble tiny verses in her school days and sometimes put them up in her school magazine, 'Sunbeam'! Hardly she knew that after almost thirty-five years; the lost trail of words and images would hold her once again in the Japanese Poetry form of haiku, tanka, haibun, cherita and rengay. Fascinated with this minimalist since 2017; she is keen to learn and relearn. She owes her journey to Akila G., Kala Ramesh and Triveni

haiku - tanka

in quarantine

after crossing borders

my thoughts

now flow to Anne Frank

more than ever before

newspaper kite

the obituary page

now closer to heaven

mother gathers

a spoonful of stars ...

autumn light

old village pond

the smell of moss

in the washed clothes

Publication Credits :

in quarantine: Editor's Choice Award ,Tanka Origins,  August 2020; newspaper kite:  Honourable Mention, 24th Mainichi Haiku Contest; mother gathers: Honourable Mention, The First Yugen International Haiku Contest, Romania 2021; old village pond: Wales Haiku Journal, Jan 2021

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