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Kala Ramesh

Kala Ramesh

Born: Madras
Resides: Pune/Chennai

Kala Ramesh is deeply interested in how families, communities and the world at large view personal, and cultural experiences and how writing about them is calming and beneficial to their emotional well-being. Haikai literature being deeply rooted in experiential truth with a dash of imagination and humour, helps in this process, she firmly believes.

Kala has been instrumental in bringing Indian school kids, college youth, adults and senior citizens into haiku and allied Japanese short-form poetry. Indian classical music, being extempore in nature, has taught Kala to think within and without the box — to be creative, daring and innovative and still adhere to the demands of an art form.


the year passes
stones on the pathway
only get deeper

rāga kalyān

    the pumpkin gourd

        yields an autumn lyric

  the next Olympics
            a firefly
wheels into the night

a calm
bathed by falling leaves ...

Publication credits:

the year passes: Acorn # 40 spring 2018; the next Olympics: A Hundred Gourds – 3:3 June 2014; rāga kalyān: A Hundred Gourds 1:2, March 2012; a calm: Asahi Haikust Network, August 2014

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