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Jayashree Maniyil

Jayashree Maniyil

Born: India
Resides: Melbourne, Australia

Haiku happened to Jayashree in 2011, and she continues to enjoy a very casual and steady relationship with writing haiku and other related Japanese short forms. She has had some of her verses published in reputed haikai journals. Jayashree likes to socialise from a distance, loves going for walks and taking photos on her mobilephone, she loves snacking and nibbles like a bird through the day.


windy night ...

the winter moon nestled

between the reeds

morning rush –

the day moon merges

with the sun

crackle of twigs

everywhere the smoke

gathering the sky

growing birdsong to birdsongs the limbs of a banyan

Publication credits: 

windy: Diogen Winter 2013 Contest; morning rush: Under the Basho Autumn 2013 Edition; crackle: Honourable Mention in Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2016

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