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Iqra Raza

Iqra Raza

Born: Bihar, India

Resides: New Delhi, India

Iqra Raza is a research scholar in the English department at Ashoka University. She did her Bachelor’s and Masters in English from Delhi University’s ZHDC and St Stephen’s College respectively. She started writing haiku in 2014 under the tutelage of Kala Ramesh and has since won some awards and published numerous works as well.

awards and honors

2ndPlace in the Matsuo Basho Award 2015 (Italian Haiku Association)

2ndPlace in the Jane Reichold International Haiku Award 2018 (Sixteenth Ukia Haiku)


caged parakeet-

my mother polishes

her mangalsutra

granny’s illness

keeping us together

visiting hours

long journey

pausing for water

I drink the moon

morning rush barely noticed the moon

Publication credits: 

caged parakeet: Modern Haiku issue 49:2; granny’s illness: Ukia Haiku contest, 2nd place 2018; morning rush: Per diem Haiku, Sept 10; long journey: Cattails Jan 2015

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