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Firdaus Parvez

Firdaus Parvez

Born: India

Resides: Aligarh

Firdaus Parvez started writing, in earnest, in 2014, a little late due to motherhood, or that’s what she’ll tell you. She initially began dabbling with three-line poetry which intrigued her because of the profundity in so few words. Hence, she was immediately drawn to an emerging genre of story writing: flash fiction. Again the short and precise nature of it hooked her. At present she enjoys writing haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry which inspire her because, here too, the less said is more; Tanka being her favourite.

haiku - tanka

the distance

between our pillows

cold moonlight

settles on sheets

of my love poems

power cut

a lightning bug lights up

          my fingertip

the setting sun

holds no promises

     I know this

you will not visit

even my dreams

one by one

the smudged trees

          crisp morning mist

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