writeALONG! 27 January

host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Kashiana Singh

Continuing with the great master Basho and the stories of his journey – physical and poetic.

Jane Hirschfield in her book The Heart of Haiku says, “Paths mattered to Basho, who could cover twenty or thirty miles a day by foot. In youth he travelled only as circumstances required. In mid-life he traveled by choice following examples of poet – wanderers. By the end of his life his journeying is an irrefusable restlessness. His book “Narrow Road to the Deep North” describes a trip of 1500 miles. In the book he says “The moon and the sun are travelers of a hundred generations. The years, coming in and going, are wanderers too. Each day is a journey and the journey itself becomes home”

Here is a haiku he wrote for a friend he stayed with during his journey and promised to come back –

Clouds come between friends

only brief –

a wild goose’s migration

writeALONG with either place or journey as your theme! Let us find out about each other’s journey and create a mini travel collection here on this page.


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