writeALONG! 18 October


host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Kavitha Sreeraj

“Love”- the giving heart!

“The season of clouds, a pitcher of wine

Roses, a rose garden- and you”

--- Mir Taqi Mir

A loving heart is an asset. It can be love for self, another person,

environment, work, music, art, nature- anything! A touch of love

adds magic to what you do. Nowadays that love ends in an

emoticon without the feeling.

“If you have much,

give your wealth

If you have little

give of your heart.”

--- Arabic Proverb

Today let’s pick up the phone and call a long-lost friend, or take

time out to share a few giggles with our children, sit and speak to

an elder at home or spend quality time with anybody whom we feel

has not been given time by us!

Easing in

her slender forearm

for his pillow

--- Matsuo Bashō

Share your haiku about that moment! Let the love flow!


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