writeALONG! 13 January

Updated: Jan 18

A THURSDAY FEATURE host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Kashiana Singh

“We experience the physical world around us through our five senses. Through our imagination and our intelligence, we recall, organize, conceptualize, and meditate. What we meditate upon is what we encounter in the world. The task of meditation is to put disorder into order. It is through this act of meditating on the physical world that great imagery is born. Poetry began with the process of seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, touching and then remembering.”

--- Mary Oliver

The remembrance for a poet is in words – these words become poetry.

As we know haiku is completely based in remembrance and meditation. Basho and all other Haiku masters have taught and demonstrated that the essence of haiku was to find through remembrance – remembrance of ordinary objects and activities of the world. The meditation resulted in finding something not yet said and the result is a great poem, a transformative haiku.

An example from Basho is–

white chrysanthemum

not one speck of dust

meets the eye

Can you focus your writing for this week on an “ordinary” object or an activity and bring your meditative observation, and awareness of that object or activity into your ku?

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