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writeALONG! 10 May


host: Muskaan Ahuja

How to Write a Haiku

by Naomi Beth Wakan

Details confuse me,

so when I see a rose,

although I do not know

its pedigree, I write down “rose.”

And when I cut it,

I do not know whether

I should cut it on a slant

or straight, or under water twice,

so I write down “cut.”

And when I put it in a vase,

I do not know whether it is raku

or glaze, or, perhaps good plastic,

so I write down “vase.”

and when I see two red leaves

on the earth beside the rose bush,

I do not know from which tree

they have fallen

so I write down “red leaves.”

And as I set the vase

and the leaves on the table,

I write down

rose just cut

beside the vase

two red leaves

And although I do not know

the details of what I have just done,

the sadness of it all

cracks my heart open.

Can you attempt a haiku after reading this?

Looking forward to your creativity!


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