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writeALONG! 10 January


host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Hifsa Ashraf

Flowers and Senses

It’s endless to write about the beauty of a flower and its significance in our lives. We can’t admire enough this beautiful gift of nature that metaphorically reflects the way we should live our lives. A few attributes of a flower that one should adopt to in life i.e. simplicity, kindness, compassion, softness, freshness, openness, and positivity.

I feel the silence of a flower that speaks louder than anything in the world. It reflects the true essence of nature and nurture. As Basho and Issa write:

between our two lives

there is also the life

of the cherry blossom

-- Matsuo Bashō

without regrets

they fall and scatter...

cherry blossoms

-- Kobayashi Issa

Just imagine your favourite flower and let your senses tickle your imagination. Please share a monoku or a 3-line haiku that truly reflects some personal experiences.

  1. the colours of a flower

  2. the smell of a flower

  3. the touch of a flower

  4. the taste of a flower

  5. the sound of a flower


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