triveni spotlight: 29 November

triveni spotlight hosts: Teji Sethi & Kala Ramesh

the way she tilts her head

to put on an earring

evening star

Chad Lee Robinson

Pierre, South Dakota

Acorn #45 The covering letter from Susan Antolin: Dear Kala and Teji,

Thank you again for asking me to select haiku for the month of November for the Triveni Haikai India Spotlight Feature. I selected poems with two main criteria in mind. First, I wanted to be sure the poems were appropriate to the season, and second, I considered what poems would feel especially meaningful in light of the difficult year and a half (even longer than that now) that we have all been through. So, poems that either dealt with loss or illness directly or expressed a particular joy in simple pleasures of life that have taken on new poignancy (for me, at least) were ones I included. All but one are previously published in Acorn, as those are the poems and poets I know best.

I have also included one by you, Kala, in the hope that you will allow me to include it with the November poems. All of the other 15 poets have granted permission by email. Do you want me to forward those emails to you?

I am attaching a Word document with the haiku. Please let me know if you need anything else. I look forward to seeing how people react to each poem in the comments on the website!

With warm regards,

Sue Thanks a million for this selection, Susan.

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