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triveni spotlight: 27 November 2023

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Kala Ramesh and Vidya Shankar GUEST EDITOR: Kashiana Singh 27 November 2023

what poppies grow

in a cratered land

where cemeteries shine

Chasty, M. E

The Haiku Foundation Digital Library

I am honored to present this thematic collection for the month of November 2023. Haiku has taught me more than anything else to listen to my inner silence and the silence of the world around me. Against the backdrop of jarring noise and its interplay with death, violence, and trauma I would like to use this opportunity to find a spiritually nourishing collection through the month of November.

Haikai has been always compared to meditation because it nudges us to notice, hear, touch and feel things around us with a gentle receiving. Dear Trivenians, I am cataloguing a series of healing poetry from the world of haikai and hope that they will help you reconnect to the subtle energy that each of these poems bring to us.

Sonia Sanchez says – “Haiku is inherently non-violent in its intent and structure.”

—Kashiana Singh

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Thank you for being our next guest editor Kashiana Singh. We are looking forward to this month-long soulful search with haiku. _()_

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lakshmi iyer
lakshmi iyer
29 nov. 2023

Liked the use of 'what and where'! cratered land and cemeteries shine - so much to think about.

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