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triveni spotlight: 25th July 2023

triveni spotlight A FEATURE EVERY ALTERNATE DAY! hosts: Kala Ramesh and Vidya Shankar GUEST EDITOR: Nandita Jain Mahajan, July 2023

I wonder

if jumping in the water

he was trying to catch

the falling blossoms—

a floating frog

Otagaki Rengetsu

late afternoon

up to its belly in hyacinths

a pregnant buffalo

Angelee Deodhar

The Heron’s Nest, Volume VII, 2005

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to present my selection. Though the task of selecting haiku for Triveni Spotlight was very difficult, I found it very rewarding. I spent several hours going through poems available in the public domain and those from books in my personal collection. I read and re-read, shortlisted again and again paring down the list till I could do no more. It was a sheer joy to read such fantastic works - my heart is full ... so happy.

I tried to keep the poems different from what other guest editors had selected earlier. However, there is bound to be some repetition. I found myself leaning towards old Japanese masters like Basho, Issa, Shiki, and Ryokan but equally drawn to women poets like Chiyo-ni and Rengetsu. The simplicity, charm, and timeless quality is what pull me to their haiku. What a picture they paint! And, the space between what is said and what is unsaid. So many different interpretations which helped me connect to these poems.

Amongst the contemporary poets, I found myself opting for those that tugged at my heart. The poems span longing, sadness, hopelessness, hope, love, and gentleness. These are those that I could read over and over again, especially at dusk, when my mind is quiet and at peace. And then, something interesting happened. I realised that I could pair the masters with the contemporary - similar thoughts and subjects but different treatment. I hope you enjoy this selection. Nandita Jain Mahajan

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What a unique and refreshing way of handling this month's triveni spotlight selections! Watch out for this space, every alternate day, dear readers, you are in for a real treat! Thank you, Nandita. We are waiting to see the month unfold. _()_

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4 Kommentare

Mallika Chari
Mallika Chari
27. Juli 2023

Your pairing brings suspense as well as surprise! Frog and buffalo .....seeking extraordinary in ordinary life!

Gefällt mir

lakshmi iyer
lakshmi iyer
25. Juli 2023

Happiness in full swing and an action-packed tanka and haiku as well as a visual treat!!

Thank you!!

Gefällt mir

What a lovely combination. The buffalo has gone into my favorites.

Gefällt mir

mona bedi
mona bedi
24. Juli 2023

Nice pairing of day to day observations!

Gefällt mir
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