thinkALONG! 8 March

host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Neena Singh

In “Learn From the Pine,” the haiku master Basho wrote, “Learn about pines from the pine, and about bamboo from the bamboo. Don’t follow in the footsteps of the old poets, seek what they sought. The basis of art is change in the universe. What’s still has changeless form. . . Make the universe your companion. . . The secret of poetry lies in treading the middle path between the reality and the vacuity of the world. . . When you are composing a verse, let there not be a hair’s breadth separating your mind from what you write. . . Poetry is a fireplace in summer or a fan in winter. . . The bones of haikai are plainness and oddness. . . Eat vegetable soup rather than duck stew.”

The haiku masters lived this wisdom despite hardships and personal suffering and gave us haiku to love, enjoy and cherish.

among twenty snowy mountains the only moving thing was the eye of the blackbird

---- Yusa Buson

Which path do you follow when writing haiku? Do share your present moment haiku with us when 'there was not a hair’s breadth separating your mind from what you wrote.'


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