thinkALONG! 28 October

host: Muskaan Ahuja

"May the Infinite Now grant me the serenity to accept the haiku I cannot change, courage to change the haiku I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

--- Anonymous

Who hasn't struggled to give his/her haiku a shape to achieve a desired effect? And at times, we feel fortunate to get the best and most simple words in the first attempt while other times, we write down tentative lines and find words until we are fully satisfied with our poem. Besides, WHAT makes you realize that your poem needs revision?

So, here's a chance to show your readers the poems (haiku, senryu or tanka) that you could not change in the past and if you did, help others with a brief explanation on HOW to do it --- Is there some kind of unity you look for? How do you manage to achieve authenticity of expression? Does depth of emotion and sensitivity alone make a poem in your opinion and so on.

You may also like to revise others' poems for every poem remains a 'work in progress'.

Looking forward to know whether you are a re-writer or a writer!

Happy Writing!


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