thinkALONG! 23 december

host: Muskaan Ahuja

guest editor: Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

"We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates… Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty."

--- Junichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows, translated by Thomas J. Harper and Edward G. Seidensticker

There’s something to be said about subtle, unobtrusive beauty. The kind that you find in a soft, lingering note in a raga, or the silence of a moment that is meant to be savoured, or in the play of light and dark where the beautiful unknown emerges. Tanizaki points out to the inescapable existence as well as need for duality in our lives; were it nor for sadness, we would not understand joy; were it not for the dark, how else would we love light?

When writing haiku, have you ever looked from the rose to the thorn? Or from the butterfly back to the cocoon from where it emerged?

What did you discard to write your beauty?


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