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Haibun #1

Angelee Deodhar


At the Half Price Book Shop I discover an almost brand new copy of Moon on the Pines: Zen Haiku by Jonathan Clements. On the inside front flap of the book, there is an inscription dated Xmas 2003, followed by an undecipherable signature:

"Dear Pattie, This book 'ever so' gently screamed your name at the store. What a perfect description, eh!?! I hope you enjoy the haiku within. Merry Christmas."

I wonder who Pattie might have been and who gifted her this book. Did they break up, did Pattie sell her unwanted books, move away? Such endless possibilities for $3.99.

windswept house –

a crow on the upended

For Sale sign

Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2016, Vol 12 no1


In a note to a writer friend, Angelee shares how this haibun came about when she was at a half-price sale in New York. The haibun practically wrote itself, she writes.

Notice the subtle link and shift in this haibun, the careful choice of words, the brevity. Look at the tongue-in-cheek humour that comes out in the haiku.

Thoughts for reflection:

What strikes you most about this haibun? .....

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