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10th February

This is the final haibun in the series featuring Kala Ramesh.

More on Kala

Kala Ramesh’s oeuvre is not restricted to haibun and haiku alone. She is a prolific writer of tanka and other haikai forms. What makes her work stand out is the rooted cultural aesthetics of Indian rasa. Music, her other artistic influence seeps into her writing and brings the reader a different dimension, a different experience.

Kala has also contributed essays to help new haijin understand the nuances of writing haikai. Read a sample here. This essay on link and shift is so beautifully explained.

Here is a detailed review of her first book right here.

Those of us who know Kala know just how fast she speaks. So here is a rapid fire round that she answers with eloquence and clarity:

Katha Books - Rapid Fire

What makes the haikai community special is the respect and space accorded to stalwarts by stalwarts. Here is an insightful interview of Kala by the inimitable Mike Rehling.

Interview in Failed Haiku

An Hour Passes

Kala Ramesh

And so, an hour passes . . .

dead body . . .

only the shadows of leaves

dance on her face

My wife died – thirteen days back.

To be single again - it’s a strange feeling that after sixty-six years of togetherness, I am all alone.

Like the River Cauvery that swells in the monsoons then becomes so thin that it seems almost like a drawn line, my family was huge once when my five children were small - kids take wings and take off and slowly my wife and I just grew accustomed to being by ourselves.

My son and my daughter-in-law are here. They keep insisting that I will feel miserable in London. I keep telling them that I am ready to go with them. My daughter-in-law says "But papa, you have your temple, your friends here. What will you do there? It’s a foreign country papa, try to understand."

How can I tell her that I am scared of staying alone? Won’t my grandchildren laugh at me?

sultry morning

the chameleon changes

its colours


What can possibly go wrong in just under an hour? Explore this question and write us a haibun that embraces this in the manner that appeals to you—mystery, the world falling apart, something magical…

We are delighted to open the comment thread for you to share your unpublished haibun (within 300 words) to be considered for inclusion in haikuKATHA monthly journal.


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