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TANKA TAKE HOME hosts: Firdaus Parvez & Kala Ramesh

Adding a tanka for your inspiration! pattern of a tree top

on the window blind

I wake up

in my grandchild’s room

to a gentler world

Beverley George KOKA 13. September 2010

Can you share your experiences of patterns, trees, windows, grandchildren & kids? Or write about anything else that catches your attention!



What is tanka-prose?

Before we analyse it – let us read an example:

Dru Philippou

Taos, NM, USA

“First Naiveté”

The latest young recruit at the ashram is seated on the hallway floor practicing tabla. Inside the temple room, another man, robed in saffron and a yellow wool hat, gives praise to Durga. Someone else is chanting. Evening aarti begins and a pujari calls out the deities.

on the altar

flowers, always flowers

so vibrant

they seem unreal

until I touch them

Author’s Note: “First Naiveté” is a concept developed by French philosopher Paul Ricoeur that outlines our naïve understanding of things, first perceiving them without judgement, then in a more critical way. He also describes a “second naiveté” that exists beyond the realm of criticism.

Published in Haibun Today: Volume 13, Number 4, December 2019

If you are inspired by this concept – try writing one.

Isn’t this the way we all stepped into haikai forms. Did we know the rules or the fact that books and books had been written about the Japanese short-form poetry?

Keep it simple and conclude with a tanka.

Not saying it’s easy but when was it that you last stepped out of your comfort zone?!?

Continue to post your individual tanka too! Just write and have fun! We are delighted to open the comment thread for you to share your unpublished tanka and tanka-prose (within 300 words) to be considered for inclusion in haikuKATHA monthly magazine.


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