TANKA TAKE HOME - 6 October, 2021

hosts: Firdaus Parvez & Kala Ramesh

the harsh cry

of a blue jay . . .

one red leaf

in a sea of green

trembles and falls

— Jenny Ward Angyal

Gibsonville, North Carolina

This tanka is part of a Tanka Prose: 'Gaps', that won an HM on the Tanka Prose Contest of The Tanka Society of America's fifteenth anniversary special event in 2015. It is an 'audio-visual' delight that is so vivid and compelling. The choice of words in the first line sets the tone for the tanka: 'the harsh cry'. What does it make you think about? The author's lens then zooms onto a single red leaf amongst all the green as it trembles and falls. What is this trembling? Is it the anticipation of something new to look forward to, or is it just the shudder of death? Put your own thoughts into a tanka.

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