TANKA TAKE HOME - 24 November, 2021

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

hosts: Firdaus Parvez & Kala Ramesh guest editor: Kozue Uzawa


beside the ocean

at dawn…

balancing on one leg

a blue heron

Elena Calvo GUSTS 34, October 2021 Kozue Uzawa


GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka

http://tanka.a2hosted.com This month we have Kozue Uzawa, editor of the contemporary tanka journal GUSTS giving us her favourites from issue # 34. This has a natural link between the upper and the lower verses ... is the poet talking about people doing yoga on the beach sands or is the poet saying that the heron standing on one leg is doing yoga? Delightfully left unsaid. Does this inspire you to try a tanka on these lines? ¬¬¬ We are delighted to open the comment thread for you to share your unpublished tanka and tanka-prose to be considered for inclusion in haikuKATHA monthly magazine.

december: The Ink Dark Moon - Love poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu. Stay tuned!!

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