TANKA TAKE HOME - 10 November, 2021

hosts: Firdaus Parvez & Kala Ramesh guest editor: Kozue Uzawa

the cracks

in his story


with each telling

this cold, cold wind

Susan Constable GUSTS #34, October 2021

Kozue Uzawa


GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka


We requested Kozue Uzawa, editor GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka, to send us her pick of tanka for the month of November from her publication. She graciously sent us four, this is the second one. This tanka is so subtle and beautiful in the way it shows lies and excuses. The poet has captured the chill of a disintegrating relationship in 16 syllables. I love the minimalist approach, and the repetition of 'cold' works so well here. This is my interpretation of the poem. What do you make of it? We would love to hear your stories in a tanka.

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