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talkingSTREAM - Create Your OWN FILM! Triveni YouTube Videos

Updated: May 4, 2022

hosts: Madhuri Maitra & Kala Ramesh

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Create Your Own Film! 15 of August the films are to be submitted to us.

A short film with haiku, tanka or even a mini-haibun?

This would be the next logical progression of this art form.

A short film, say 3 to 5 minutes long, would elevate the magic you have already woven into your haikai, and deepen the aesthetics of the delicate Japanese poetry we all love.

We invite you to submit a short film, no longer than 5 minutes, that you believe will breathe life into your haikai or tanka. This could be a film you have specifically created for your haiku or tanka - a film made independently or in collaboration with other artists.

The haikai must appear as text on the screen, in any language (along with English) and in any font of your choice.

Credits must include the producer, musician, cinematographer, and of course, the poet.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A few basics for the film you make:


Craft each frame with care – the objects, the colours, the movements, the sounds – and select each with as much deliberation as you do every syllable of your ku.


As each successive shot builds into a scene, and then a sequence, make sure your story is being told. A shift in scene, for example, would correspond to the ‘kire’.

Check the link for more clarity on shot-scene-sequence. HERE


Do remember to credit all the collaborators.

Enjoy every moment of your process – awaiting your contributions eagerly!

Madhuri's tiny (and amateur) attempt, a 10-sec film, is attached HERE Madhuri Maitra joins talkingSTREAM as a host. Films are her passion and joy, and while she's not a filmmaker, she has been teaching Film Appreciation at Symbiosis for close to ten years.


PLUNGE IN! When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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