SHOWCASE: septemberWALL 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

hosts: Meera Rehm, Mona Bedi & Shreya Narang

A brief note on how this WALL is going to be done. All the journals published in SEPTEMBER will go up here, as and when they are published and our members can post their poems in the thread, according to the JOURNAL. Just remember to mention the journal's name under your name - to be on the safer side! septemberWALL Let's see if this works. Thanks to Ravi Kiran who suggested this idea! The Heron's Nest Failed Haiku Otoroshi Journal Haiku Dialogue Haiku in Action

tsuri-doro Three Rivers

Cafe Haiku

The Other Bunny

Cold Moon Journal

Please inform the hosts, if you want any journal to be added for the month of September.


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