SHOWCASE: octoberWALL 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

hosts: Mona Bedi, Samir Satam & Shreya Narang

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to all the poets! A brief note on how this WALL is going to be done. All the journals published in OCTOBER will go up here, as and when they are published and our members can post their poems in the thread, according to the JOURNAL. Just remember to mention the journal's name under your name - to be on the safer side! octoberWALL

Failed Haiku

Haiku Dialogue

Haiku in Action

Brass Bell: a haiku journal

Drifting Sands


Cold Moon

The Bamboo hut


Modern Haiku


Asahi Shimbun

Please inform the hosts, if you want any journal to be added for the month of October. No screenshots please. You need to copy-paste your poem here. Thank you. _()_

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