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open sky :: SAMVAAD | 11th Feb

hosts : Sanjuktaa Asopa & Aparna Pathak

first snowflake

yet to settle

an egret in flight

- Diana Webb

( Hedgerow #134, 2021)

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Here is what poet says about the poem :

This is how I came to write it. I have a lovely view from my first floor maisonette window of a horizon of trees. Often the first wonder I see when I come into the front room in the morning is an egret threading its way through the canopies, its wings often shining in the sunrise. Its a fleeting moment of wonder just like seeing the very first snowflake. I seem to remember friends living locally telling me it was snowing in their vicinity, and waiting for that magic moment of seeing the first flake in the air outside the window here. Sometimes snow settles just as that first egret sometim…

Replying to

That first snowflake is so special, and I agree - , though I have never before your poem connected the two emotional response!- , that the flight of egrets and herons, is similar to first snow in the magic it imbues to the moment. Thank you! .


A beautiful haiku from Diana.


A perfect winter poem. The comparison is stunning.


So nice to see one of Diana’s in samvaard.


rising between notes

a coot’s garbled echo

settles at the bank

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