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naad anunaad: an anthology of contemporary world haiku

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Edited by Kala Ramesh (editor-in-chief), Sanjukta Asopa & Shloka Shankar (co-editors).

Published by Vishwakarma Publications Pune 2016. Get your copy if you don't have it still ... worth its weight in gold! Available on Amazon Store.

This first haiku anthology from India went on to win the Merit Book Awards instituted by the Haiku Society of America in 2017 – in the “Best Anthology” category.

The back cover blurb:

Haiku are word paintings that pilot the reader beyond the image into a sacred realm. For a poem complete in just a few words, resonance becomes the keynote. In Sanskrit, the primordial sound in the cosmos is known as naad and its resonance as anunaad. According

to ancient Indian texts, an instrument, including the human body, vibrates only to this timeless sound. The 746 haiku in this volume come from 26 countries. They resonate, each in a unique way - just for you!


Some comments by a few leading editors and poets:

This anthology of haiku was awarded as the joint “Best Anthology” in the Haiku Society of America’s Merit Book Awards for 2017. Highly recommended!

— Alan Summers

President, United Haiku and Tanka Society

co-founder, Call of the Page


I've read through it carefully two times now and feel it is one of the best anthologies of English language haiku currently available. The selection of poems is excellent and the result is a book loaded with real haiku -- poems that have and convey the haiku magic.

— Michael McClintock December 2016


This anthology is very well done. The collection seems comprehensive. The production values are excellent... clear printing in a good, readable font & size, scrupulous index of poets and credits, with the only quirk being the listings in alphabetical order of author's given names. I recommend it heartily, even without having read it thoroughly, yet.

— Lorin Ford A Book Note by Beverley George:

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Kala Ramesh
Kala Ramesh
Sep 02, 2021

Thank you, Rohan. I really hope all those who join our THI, buy Naad Anunaad. It's worth its weight in gold!

Srinivas Sambangi
Srinivas Sambangi
Sep 28, 2021
Replying to

Agree with you Kala. This is one of the books I refer to very often

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