indianKUKAI #1 - Results Are Out!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

hosts: Aparna Pathak, Kashinath Karmakar and Neena Singh

We conclude the trial edition of the indianKUKAI

theme: rain

The winner is Ashish Narain with 28 points.

wet November --

her grip as we near

the cemetery

—Ashish Narain

We have a tie in 2nd Place as both Pravat Kumar Padhy & Sanjuktaa Asopa obtained 21 points.

motherhood --

how tenderly clouds

hold the rain

— Pravat Kumar Padhy


rain falling on rain

all day long this dialogue

with myself

—Sanjuktaa Asopa

Surprisingly, 3rd place is also a tie between Kala Ramesh and Firdaus Parvez both with 11 points.

mother’s wheeze —

through her window

the night-long rain

—Kala Ramesh


lightning flash

for just a moment

the drenched trees

—Firdaus Parvez

Congratulations to all the 5 winners and thanks to Triveni Haikai India Admin friends for their wholehearted participation in the submission and voting.

We shall be mailing the beautiful certificates designed by Teji Sethi to the winners.


hosts: Kash, Aparna & Neena Triveni Haikai India

The beautiful certificate designed by Teji Sethi!

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