indianKUKAI #1 - Call for Votes!

hosts: Aparna Pathak, Kashinath Karmakar & Neena Singh Namaste! Hello! We welcome you to this edition of indianKUKAI

theme: rain voting period: September 4 to September 8, 2021 12 Midnight (IST)

Thank you for your participation in this trial run of indianKUKAI #1.

We have received 34 submissions from all over the world. The haiku submitted have been serially numbered and posted anonymously for your votes in a voting ballot. Votes will be tallied and the top winners will be announced publicly. The winners will receive e-certificates.

Note: Only participants can vote!


How to cast your votes for indianKUKAI

Step 1. Read the voting guidelines before you cast your vote [click here] Step 2. Cast your vote by filling the voting form. The voting ballot is right below the voting form [click here] Step 3. The results will be published on September 11, 2021, in the indianKUKAI blog section [click here]


indianKUKAI organisers:

Aparna, Kash & Neena

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