indianKUKAI #1 - Call for Entries!

hosts: Aparna Pathak, Kashinath Karmakar & Neena Singh

indianKUKAI #1 (our internal trial run) Namaste! Hello! We welcome you to this edition of indianKUKAI theme: rain The word need not be used in the haiku, but the haiku should be showing the topic clearly. indianKUKAI is a quarterly haiku contest. We assign a theme for a given writing period that can be found periodically on the Triveni Haikai India website. Poets are invited to write and submit their haiku on this theme during the allotted time. Please do not submit after the submission period gets over. After the submission period, the work submitted is gathered and posted for votes.

Only participants can vote! We'll add the voting ballot in a separate 'call for votes' post. Votes are tallied and the results made public. The top winners will be acknowledged and will receive e- certificates. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:

SUBMISSION: August 26 to September 2, 2021 12 Midnight (IST)

VOTING: September 4 to September 8, 2021 12 Midnight (IST)

RESULTS: The results will be published on September 11, 2021, in the indianKUKAI blog section.

indianKUKAI organisers:

Aparna, Kash & Neena

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