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HAIKUsutradhar: 15th December 2023 Daipayan Nair


Host: Lev Hart

Prompter for December: Daipayan Nair


1. To provide a new poetry workshop each Friday, along with a prompt.

2. To select haiku, senryu, and haiga each month for the journal, haikuKATHA. Each issue will

select poems that were posted in this forum from the 3rd of the previous month to the 2nd of

the current month.


1. Post a maximum of two verses per week, from Friday to Friday, numbered 1 & 2.

Post only one haiku in a day, in 24 hours.

2. Only post unpublished verses --- nothing that has appeared in peer-reviewed or edited

journals, anthologies, your webpage, social media, etc.

3. Only post original verses.

4. For each poem you post, comment on one other person’s poem.

5. Give feedback only to those poets who have requested it.

6. Do not post a variety of drafts, along with a request for readers to choose which they like

most. Only one poem is to appear in each original post.

7. Post each revision, if you have any, above the original. The top version will be your

submission to haikuKATHA. Do not delete the original post.

8. Do not submit found poetry or split sequences.

9. Do not post photos, except for haiga.

10. haikuKATHA will only consider haiga that showcase original artwork or photos.

Post details re: the source of the visual image. If you team up with an artist or

photographer, make sure that it’s their original work and that they are not restricted

by other publications to share it. We won't be responsible for any copyright issues.

11. Put your name, followed by your country, below each poem, even after revisions.

Poems that do not follow the guidelines may be deleted.

Founder/Managing Editor of haikuKATHA Monthly Journal:

Kala Ramesh

Associate Editors:

Ashish Narain

Firdaus Parvez

Priti Aisola

Sanjuktaa Asopa

Shalini Pattabiraman

Suraja Menon Roychowdhury

Vandana Parashar

Vidya Shankar


It's never rational or even humanitarian to pick sides in a war. Nobody is on the path of righteousness when killing another being. This week, I invite you all to heal the damages of a war with your haiku/senryu. Think of images that make you understand the brutality and consequences of a war rather than just feeling compassionate about it. Nature has its own way of curing the scars and wounds. Nature has a strong willed heart when trying to wash away all the blood spilled. It has been doing so for centuries. Your haiku should be an attempt to realise "if nature has already given up or is the fight still on". Let the understanding be slow and the healing even slower. Again, the objectivity might be gory, but what it translates matters: the machete used to cut the cane used to cut the neighbors Bryan Rickert (Haiku In Action, Oct. 18th - Oct. 22nd)


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fragile cease fire...

a blast wave off the TV

shakes the room

Feedback is welcomed :)


#1 (feedback welcome)

bloated bellies

fruit dying on the vine


Jan Stretch, Canada


joanna ashwell
joanna ashwell
21 de dez. de 2023



counting our losses

a flurry of petals

without a name

Joanna Ashwell


Feedback welcome

joanna ashwell
joanna ashwell
22 de dez. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thank you Nalini.


Biswajit Mishra
Biswajit Mishra
21 de dez. de 2023


December 20, 2023


how many walls

left between

Biswajit Mishra

Calgary, Canada

Comments welcome

Biswajit Mishra
Biswajit Mishra
21 de dez. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thanks Milan


Srinivas Sambangi
Srinivas Sambangi
21 de dez. de 2023


21st December 2023

post war patrol

two soldiers on either side

share a cigarette

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi, India

Srinivas Sambangi
Srinivas Sambangi
22 de dez. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thank you Milan😊

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