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water lilies . a picture prompt

Due to the sudden increase in the activity, here are some quick guidelines:

1. TWO poems per day.

2. For each poem you share, please comment on ONE other poem which isn't yours!

3. Haibun - word limit: 300 words (a title is required when you post.)

4. Post only your unpublished poems.

Poems previously published on your personal webpage or social media will be accepted.

Poems previously published in peer-reviewed or edited journals or anthologies as well as contest winners that were published elsewhere as such, will not be accepted.

6. IMPORTANT: if any member provides a feedback on the poem in the comment section, it is the poet's duty to decide on the final version and post it on top of the original version. Or else the original non-edited version on your thread will be picked up by us.

On your comment thread you need to post your revised final version (if you have one!)

edited version Your final version of the poem goes first, so it will be easy for our team to consider that for haikuKATHA journal. **

original version Your first version of the poem remains - under your final version. The way it is shown here.

Water lilies in a pond offers one a sense of tranquility and calm. Not only are they ornamental, they provide shelter to fish from predators and keeps the water cool.

What does the water lilies in the picture remind you of? Perhaps the yellow of the lilies reflect the autumn leaves, or of ageing, contemplation, renewal and peace.

Let us know your thoughts...

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