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Poems posted here will be picked up for Triveni Haikai India's monthly journal - haikuKATHA. On 22 November the first issue goes live! Join in the fun of sharing and see your poems getting published in our own journal!

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“Eyes are found in light; ears in auricular air; feet on land; fins in water; wings in air; and each creature where it was meant to be, with a mutual fitness. Every zone has its own Fauna. There is adjustment between the animal and its food, its parasite, its enemy. Balance are kept. It is not allowed to diminish in numbers, nor to exceed. The like adjustments exists for man.”

Selected Essays, Lecture and Poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Climate change is the defining issue of our times, it is a global issue. With excessive land clearance, habitat degradation, fishing and animal farming, humans have altered the temperature of the earth, resulting in forest fires, cyclones, floods and rising sea level.

Imagine a world where all the earthly inhabitants live in harmony with each other and with the surrounding nature.

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