haikuKATHA: 15 October

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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hosts: Madhuri Pillai, Shreya Narang & Vidya Venkatramani

month of october: Subir Ningthouja

sunrise . a picture prompt

I suddenly see a lot of activity here, so some quick guidelines: 1. Not more than 1 poem in 24 hours. 2. For each poem you share, please comment on 2 other poems which aren't yours! 3. Haibun - word limit: 300 words (a title is required when you post.) 4. For all the three points above we can't keep count, you need to! 5. Post only your unpublished poems. 6. IMPORTANT: if any member provides a feedback on the poem in the comment section, it is the poet's duty to decide on the final version and post it on top of the original version. Or else the original non-edited version on your thread will be picked up by us. On your comment thread you need to post your revised final version (if you have one!) edited version Your final version of the poem goes first, so it will be easy for our team to consider that for haikuKATHA journal. ** original version Your first version of the poem remains - under your final version. The way I have shown it here. ** I hope it's clear. Thank you so much. warmly, _kala


An Announcement: A team of editors will be choosing the best from the poems shared on all the prompts posted here and . . . hold your breath!

The selected haiku, senryu, tanka and haibun will be published in a monthly journal - haikuKATHA Name not finalised but the idea is :)) We all know each Japanese short-form poetry is a story - a katha!

Join in the fun and share your best efforts and see them get published each month in our inclusive Triveni Haikai India publication - haikuKATHA

Make this dream happen!

Thanks to many of our members for suggesting this idea.


Dear lovers of haikai (which includes haibun) and tanka, Share only your unpublished poems here! We are choosing the best and it will be published in haikuKATHA - a monthly journal from Triveni Haikai India! Oh! it sounds Maha KOOL to be announcing this!

The luminous beauty of dawn, the sky a pale pink with flecks of gold have always been a spectacular sight to behold. Dawn brings in a new day, new hope and a sense of renewal. The peace that comes with the stillness of dawn energises us, bringing a moment of calm before the day’s grind begins. As Katherine Mansfield, the British writer said, “I feel so full of love today after having seen the sunrise.”

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