haikuKATHA: 08 October

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month of october: Subir Ningthouja

farmers . a picture prompt

An Announcement: A team of editors will be choosing the best from the poems shared on all the prompts posted here and . . . hold your breath!

The selected haiku, senryu, tanka and haibun will be published in a monthly journal - haikuKATHA Name not finalised but the idea is :)) We all know each Japanese short-form poetry is a story - a katha!

Join in the fun and share your best efforts and see them get published each month in our inclusive Triveni Haikai India publication - haikuKATHA

Make this dream happen!

Thanks to many of our members for suggesting this idea.


Dear lovers of haikai (which includes haibun) and tanka, Share only your unpublished poems here! We are choosing the best and it will be published in haikuKATHA - a monthly journal from Triveni Haikai India! Oh! it sounds so Maha KOOL to be announcing this!!

The transition of hunter gatherers to farmers began thousands of years ago. Today farmers are the backbone of almost every country, and agriculture is an important sector of a country’s economy. Farmers are the source of our food supply. They grow different crops in different seasons, thereby providing us with a variety fruits and vegetables.

According to Thomas Jefferson, the American Founding Father, “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens”. India celebrates ‘Farmer’s Day’ known as ‘Kisan Diwas’ on 23rd, December.

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