haikuSUTRADHAR: 01 October

Updated: Jan 15

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month of october: Subir Ningthouja

dragonfly . a picture prompt * * * * * * * * * * * *

An Announcement: A team of editors will be choosing the best from the poems shared on all the prompts posted here and . . . hold your breath! The selected haiku, senryu and tanka will be published in a monthly journal - haikuSUTRADHAR Name not finalised but the idea is :)) We all know each Japanese short-form poetry is a story - a katha! Join in the fun and share your best effort and see them published each month in our exclusive Triveni Haikai India publication - haikuSUTRADHAR Make this dream happen! Thanks to many of our members for suggesting this idea. _()_

Dragonflies are known for their beauty and agility. They symbolise change, of personal transformation and self realisation, as well as change of season. Dragonflies are still present by the ripening paddy fields. Soon, they will be gone and reappear in their next season.

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