learning: Haiku in Indian Languages - English

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

English - language Haiku — Compiled by Lakshmi Iyer and Kala Ramesh

English-language haiku has to be included too, for it’s our link language and we have many poets writing in English, who are known and respected outside India. A majority of the haiku submitted were published in reputed haiku journals.

Thanks to Lakshmi Iyer for collating the present English-language Haiku poets, in addition to our original list of 43 – we now have 114 haijin in India in total and our family is growing rapidly!


a tulasi plant

on the gypsy’s head

A. Thiagarajan, Mumbai The Heron’s Nest, March 2013

still water ...

a zebra runs away

from itself

Aditya Ashribad, Orissa Cattails 1 Youth Corner, January 2014

subjunctive occasions Gita’s thickness

Aditya Behl, Delhi Bones 3, December 2013

hide and seek

someone’s warm palms

on my closed eyes

Ajaya Mahala, Pune Mainichi Daily News, January 03, 2014

stranded bike

a sparrow looks at its face

in the mirror

Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry

class test …

filling in the blanks

in a star’s life cycle

Akila G., Hyderabad Sonic Boom

business district

I keep a lookout

for wildflowers

Alaka Yeravadekar, Pune

Hedgerow #132

little ballerina

on her dress —


Aanchal Broca, Gurgaon Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal #39

a bindi

on my mom's forehead ...

morning sun

Aashna Goyal, Punjab

scars …

the tide marks

its boundary

Ashish Narain, Delhi Modern Haiku 49:3

planetarium ...

one by one

his teeth shine

Aparna Pathak, Gurugram

Honourable Mention: Sharpening the Green Pencil Contest

after harvest

the farm's set in fire ...

smell of charred sugarcane

Arunachalashiva, Chennai

rumors of war

up into a darkening sky

—a child’s newsprint kite

Angelee Deodhar, Chandigarh Third Prize, The Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award for 2003

ancient banyan ...

an owl shakes the night

off its feathers

Anitha Varma, Kerala

drifting stars ...

a wish list flutters

in the breeze

Arvinder Kaur, Chandigarh Mainichi Daily News, Sept 2013

sidewalk café

I smell the city

in my coffee

Bhavani Ramesh, Mumbai Chrysanthemums, April 2008

brisk morning walk -

the roadside banyan

ageing gracefully

Bidyutprabha Gantayat, Bhubaneswar

no place to go

the urban dreams

of banyan roots

Dr Brijesh Raj, Mumbai World Haiku Review, Jan 2017

wildfire -

the lives within


Deboshruti, Varanasi

evening rain ...

shadows huddle

in corners

Firdaus Parvez, Aligarh

the rustle

of fallen leaves -

forest music

Gauri Dixit, Pune

Under the Basho, June 2020

mountain lake

each splash from the oar

shakes the moon

Geethanjali Rajan, Chennai World Haiku Review, August 2010

spring predawn—

the janitor sweeps

the night away

Gowtham Ganni, Hyderabad

The Herons Nest Volume XX, Number 2: June 2018

incessant rains

small talk

dries up

Hemapriya Chellappan, Pune The Heron's Nest, Vol. XXI, No.4: December 2019

rainy morning ...

the wife showering abuses

on her husband

Hema Ravi, Chennai Frogpond, # 36.3

Women’s Day

she applies makeup

to her bruise

Indra Neil Mekala, Hyderabad Second Prize: 8th Polish International Haiku Competition, 2018

family album ...

pressed beneath my fingers

someone’s smile

Ishaan Singh Sarna, New Delhi Chrysanthemum #28, Fall Issue

hospice care -

the fading rhythm

of rain outside

Iqra Raza, New Delhi

long days of rain -

the gurgle of frogs ripens

the little rice field

Janak Sapkota, Switzerland Winner, Smurfit Samhain International Haiku Prize, Ireland, 2006

overnight rain ...

all the leaves carry

an impression

Jayashree Maniyil, Australia Creatrix Journal, Dec 2013

monsoon sky

the white cow

chews a milk carton

Johannes Manjrekar, Vadodara Haijinx Vol. II Issue 1, 2002

winter moonlight

everything the same colour

since you left

Jesal Mallia Kanani, Mumbai

liquid twilight the tilt of a water pot on her hip

Kala Ramesh, Pune

Frogpond 31:3 Autumn 2008

deafening rain—

to think it has no sound

of its own

Kashinath Karmakar, Durgapur 3rd place:18th Kusamakura International Haiku Contest 2013

white lotus

floating in a vessel -

empty mind

Kashiana Singh, USA Narrow Road Journal - Aug 2020

end of summer

colours fade away

with the butterflies

Kavya Kavuri, Pune A Hundred Gourds 2.4, September 2013

autumn morning —

my shadow now has

a slight hunch

Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad Honourable Mention, World Haiku Review September 2009

can't show

my golden teeth ...

surgical mask

Kamrun Nahar, Bangladesh

Under the Basho, 2020

cold day ...

sound of clipping nails

from next room

Kanchan Chatterjee, Jamshedpur

isolation ward –

I count

the remaining leaves

Kakul Gupta, New Delhi

jamun tree—

a splash of purple

on my new white kurti

Kalyanee Rajan, New Delhi Under the Basho, 2017

colourful floaters

bob in the blue waters

… every time I blink

Karkuzhali Sreedhar, Chennai

coffee break—

stirring a whirlpool

of thoughts

Kausik KSK, Hyderabad Under the Basho, 2019

starry night ...

the empty rocking chair

casts a shadow

Kavitha Sreeraj, Hyderabad

postal stamps –

the zig-zag edges

of our marriage

Kinshuk Gupta, New Delhi Modern Haiku

silent sun

girl child collects her ruined

books after the flood

Lakshay Gandotra, Jammu Third Prize: 23rd Kusamakura International Haiku Competition.

first winter

a flame Robin

sings in its territory

Lakshmi Iyer, Trivandrum High Commendation—Winter Haiku, Australian Haiku Society

pebble beach

i count the countless

unsaid words

Mallika Chari, Wardha Frogpond, Spring/Summer Issue 2020


an ink blot where i paused

before writing the truth

Manoj Nair, Bangalore

The Heron's Nest: Vol XX1,No2, June 2019

first flower ...

the lawnmower makes

a u-turn

Milan Rajkumar, Imphal

Haiku Dialogue: August 5, 2020

brave mirror

doesn’t distort truth

looks me in the eye

Minal Sarosh, Ahmedabad

World Haiku Review, August 2011

temple bell -

the mellowed song

of the cicada

Monalisha Gogoi ,Assam

ESUJ-H English Haiku September 2019

temple visit

ants on the wall

returning with prasad

Muskaan Ahuja, Chandigarh

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring Issue 2020

monsoon showers

all night long

the bitterness of neem

Nandita Jain Mahajan, Gurgaon

The Heron’s Nest: Volume XXI, Number 4: December 2019

my baby’s heartbeat

next to mine

the rhythm for our lullaby

Nandini Nair, Pune, India, First place, Indian Kukai #01, September 2013

on a long way

with me in the dark night

these fireflies

Neelam Dadhwal, Chandigarh cattails: January 2014

go slow signal

a yellow leaf lands

on my palm

Niranjan Navalgund, Belagavi Cattails, 2015

crawling through the weight baby snail

Neena Singh, Chandigarh Under the Basho, 2020

gentle rain

even on the graves

with no flowers

Neha R. Krishna, Mumbai Winner, Weighing Raindrops, 2020

morning rush -

my pressure cooker whistles

the suprabhatam*

Padma Srinivasan, Scotland

*suprabhatam: verses sung in South Indian temples to wake up the Gods every morning.

the width of this night milky way

Pragya Vishnoi, Kanpur Honourable Mention, UHTS 'AHA' Haiku Contest 2019

gleaming knife ...

edge sharper than

moon scars

Prathama Rajeevalochan, Bangalore Modern Haiku Section, Under the Basho

incessant rain ...

the smell of coriander

getting drenched

Paresh Tiwari, Hyderabad Haiku of Merit, World Haiku Review, Summer 2013

cold winter morning

the pigeons coo

for more closeness

Poornima Laxmeshwar, Bangalore World Haiku Review, Jan 2014

winter morning

two butterflies

warm the garden

Pravat Kumar Padhy, Odisha The Heron’s Nest, Vol XIII, No. 2, June 2011

custard apple …

the squirrel crafts

a bowl

Priti Aisola, Hyderabad Under the Basho, 17 June 2020