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Updated: Jan 18

*** Q #17 ***


haikaiTALKS Q #17: a saturday gathering_under the banyan tree host: Kala Ramesh

Hearty Congratulations, Shalini!

Tish Davis has picked your answer as the best reply to her Q!

Tish writes :

My sincere appreciation to Firdaus, Baisali, Shalini, Suraja, Carmela, Subir, Mallika, and Vandana. I was deeply touched by your responses and your comfort in sharing your personal stories as a prelude to introducing those poets, friends, FaceBook connections, and workshop groups that were influential and key resources.

It isn't easy to select a winner, but Shalini's response resonated with me. I don't know what year Shalini was influenced by her English teacher but I'm sure Monica Pant would be honored. Shalini also acknowledges those unnamed poets who have no idea they brighten her day with their well-chosen words. I look forward to Shalini's question.

...... Thank you Tish for giving me the opportunity to ask the next question.

In recent years, themes related to climate change, environment and ecology have become more pronounced in contemporary writing; these also simultaneously focus on human actions and how they impact the natural world.

On the other hand haikai literature has always celebrated nature and ecology, used the lens that 'zooms in' on nature or the natural world to extend our consciousness of its existence thereby gathering a more positive support for strengthening our relationship to the cause of preserving the environment.

Can you share some good examples of either styles and share what impresses you?




It's a beautiful Q, Shalini. I hope our members think about it and share their examples here with us.

Trivenians, you are given time until the midnight of 19th January (IST) to share your views and reviews!

Waiting to read your responses!

your host,


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