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haikaiTALKS Q 26: a saturday gathering

*** Q #26 ***


haikaiTALKS Q #26: a saturday gathering_under the banyan tree

host: Kala Ramesh

Hearty Congratulations, to Kavitha Sreeraj!

Lakshmi has picked Kavitha Sreeraj’s answer as the best reply to her Q!

Listen to what Lakshmi has to say:

Dear Kala

My heartfelt thanks to you and Vandana for giving me the opportunity to present forward Q#25 for haikaiTALKS.

And yes, the outpouring answers of so many poets just took me en route to the places they were inspired.

I would like to thank Suraja for the outstanding haibun 'Flavors' centered around the Amarkantak; to Neena Singh for letting me feel at home in Kasauli with her lovely haiku; to you Kala for your brilliant gembun terbalik, haibun, the capturing tribute to 'Gangubai' and much more . Teji's voice in the salt of Raavi and the echoes of an old song are still lying deep within. Thanks to Barbara Kaufman's haiku of the Grand Canyon, Mona Bedi and Suresh Babu's observations. Just can't forget Tish Davis' tanka lines, 'its faint light lengthened by the river Li' and the haibun 'In a Glass Bowl'. Thanks to Priti for that captivating tanka; that longingness to see the Mekong river, to Sushama to make me read her Pondicherry days and to Robert to make me think about the impact of war.

Finally, I would love to appreciate Kavitha Sreeraj's attempt to present her experience through simple and homely haiku and haibun. Though her work needed few edits, yet, the simplicity was magical. Hence, with wishing her with many more Haikai; I pass over the baton to Kavitha Sreeraj.

Thank you once again.


Lakshmi Iyer

Now for Kavitha’s Q #26

Thank you Lakshmi for passing on the baton to me and thank you Kala for introducing this platform to explore, inquire and learn more about haikai.

When I first got introduced to haiku what attracted me to it is the simplicity in its being. The elements in haiku remind me of my village and the lifestyle. Hence most of my writings in haiku connects me to the childhood days I spent in my village.

I can give many examples of wabi-sabi from the life there. Acceptance of impermanence, finding simplicity in the natural things, appreciating beauty in imperfection.

My question to all of you is:

· What does simplicity in haiku mean to you?

· How do you define simplicity?

· Is it difficult to write a simple haiku?

Also please share one simple haiku along with your answers.

Here is one that I could write:

thrissur pooram . . .

father’s shoulder still strong

to hold his grandson

Note: Thrissur pooram is an annual festival held in Thrissur, Kerala, India. 50 elephants and around 200 artists play the panchavadhyam (orchestra with 5 different instruments) for the festival. It is said that millions of people attend this festival every year.


Trivenians are given time until midnight of 27th APRIL (IST) to share your views on the subject!

Waiting to read your responses!

your host,


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