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haikaiTALKS Q 16 | a saturday gathering _under the banyan tree host: Kala Ramesh *** Q #16***


Hearty Congratulations, Tish!

Firdaus has picked your answer as the best reply to her Q!

Thank you so much to R. Suresh, Agnus, Kashiana, Subir, Michael, Tish, and Autumn for sharing their inspirations. You all have given me a gift in the form of poems; so grateful for that. Autumn’s Red Road tanka by M. Kei went right to the heart and Tish shared some beautiful tanka sequence that resonated on so many levels. Since there can only be one winner I think Tish’s journey touched me the most. I look forward to her question.


Tish’s Q:

What or who was your most meaningful resource when you began writing haiku/haibun or tanka/tanka prose and why?

I'm hoping someone will acknowledge a teacher, friend, or poetry group as their most meaningful resource when they first began.

I learned about haiku in high school and didn't think much about it. Then fast forward 40 plus years. My mother passed away. I was her Health Care Power of Attorney and the one who signed, according to her Living Will, not only Hospice Care but "Do Not Resuscitate" orders.

I fell into a slump after she passed and began writing very, very short poems (thoughts actually.) A search on the internet somehow linked me to haiku and some type of writing group. (I don't remember the name.) When clicking the link to join I was also given the option of joining the haibun group. I clicked "yes" even though I had no idea what a haibun was. One of my haibun caught the eye of Ray Rasmussen who suggested I send it to Contemporary Haibun Online. This was 2007. CHO not only accepted the haibun but also included it in their annual anthology. Around that same time, Ray invited me to join his haibun workshop. So for me, Ray and the wonderful poets in his workshop were my resources. Books and other written material came much later.

This is another reason why I LOVE participating in TANKA TAKE HOME. I'm also trying to think of a way to give feedback to those few poets who have no comments or "Likes." If someone always ignored me, I would have quit.

Again, sending a thank you and my love,



You are too kind, Tish. And we need you and poets like you to make Triveni Haikai India glow with warmth and friendship.

Trivenians, you are given time until the 12th of January (IST) to share your views and reviews!

Waiting to read your responses!

your host,


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