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haikaiTALKS Q12 : a saturday gathering_under the banyan tree

host: Kala Ramesh

Hearty Congratulations, Vida!

Neena has picked your answer as the best reply to her Q! Neena’s simple but relevant question was:

What motivates you to pen a haiku—a squirrel or a prompt or both!

Tzetzka Ilieva (Vida) answer:

"What motivates you to pen a haiku—a squirrel or a prompt or both!"


Each February I participate in NaHaiWriMo and I really enjoy the experience. Sometimes the prompts provoke a memory that surprises me.

For example, the word "nakedly" inspired this:

winter sun

the white belly of a squirrel

reaching for the feeder

Other times, a brand new poem appears. It is often a combination of a real image and some fiction.

Prompt "tea":

royal tea

Mother finds a good listener

in her new son-in-law

Failed Haiku, 2017

Reading through my haiku, I noticed that not all, but many of those I wrote in response to a prompt can easily be classified as a "senryu". Like the one about the tea.

The direct observation on the other hand almost always conjures a haiku :).

just the tip

of a squirrel’s nose...

summer rains

I have to say though, I love how the prompts are presented here in Triveni! Thank you to all of the prompters!

Thank you, Neena!


Tzetzka Ilieva writes,

Thank you for the honor, Neena and Kala!

Because this is a gathering under the banyan tree and I have never seen one in real life, I thought that I should read a little before thinking of a question. From what I found on the internet, it seems that a banyan tree is a whole big universe on its own, a living universe, full of other living things.

A tree like that, I believe, would provoke even the shyest of the muses and would make a poet out of anyone who is willing to listen and see.

My question is:

What made you a poet? What woke up your desire to write and to share with others your words? Did you always know that this was your calling or did you realize it later in life? Also, why haiku? Why tanka?

Tell us your story and don’t forget to share some of your very first poems! I, and everyone else here, would love to read them!

Thank you!




You are given time until midnight of 8th December (IST) to share your views and reviews!

Waiting to read your answers!

your host,


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