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haikaiTALKS Q14 : a saturday gathering_under the banyan tree

host: Kala Ramesh

Hearty Congratulations, Subir!

Teji has picked your answer as the best reply to her Q!

Teji’s Q was:

How interesting do you find the use of synesthesia in haiku? Does it elevate the sensory appeal of a poem and have you tried attempting one?

Subir’s answer was:

Synaesthesia/synesthesia is medically defined as perception of a different sense by a sense organ. Examples have been given by Teji. It is said to be induced by hallucinogens like cannabis, LSD, psylocibin et al, as well as disorders of the nervous system.

In poetry, I feel it is a refined technique to add layers to poetic beauty and meaning. I have read haiku masters using this technique with delicacy bringing out aesthetic beauty.

My small attempt :

poppy field

the silken red

wraps me

Now for Subir's Q #14:

Thanks to Teji so much for giving me an opportunity to put my question.

Once I requested a senior Japanese university professor to tell me something about haiku. He asked, " do you want to know about the philosophy or the form."

My question to you, what is the basic philosophy of haiku? Today, there are various forms of English-language haiku and related poetry. Please do write your haikai reflecting the philosophy behind it.

Thanking you,

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Waiting to read your answers!

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