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Joe Sebastian

Joe Sebastian

Born: India
Resides: Bangalore

Joe Sebastian is a postgraduate in Political Science & International Relations and is a Government of India officer posted in Bangalore as Principal Commissioner of Income Tax. Joe discovered the Japanese short form genre quite by accident while reading  a magazine left by a Japanese visitor at an airport lounge in 2019 and has since written and published haiku,senryu and tanka in various journals. A dog lover ,his  interests include travelling, music ,organic farming /gardening and its advocacy and conduct of sports and games for the mentally challenged. Married ,he lives in Bangalore, India, with his wife, daughter, son and a Golden Retriever.


deeper than the
hoot of snowy owls
winter solitude

taro leaf
mountain waltzes
in a droplet

late summer

the stream steadily
losing its voice

forest trek
old pines absorb
the city inside me

Publication credits: 

deeper than the hoot: Wales Haiku Journal-Spring Issue, 2021;  taro leaf: Presence issue-70, 2021; late summer & forest trek: The Heron's Nest-September issue, 2021

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